Medical Guidelines

The American Academy of Pediatrics has established a Health Supervision for Children with Down Syndrome guideline that is a helpful tool for providing parents the supervisions appropriate for each age group.

These guidelines are designed to assist the pediatrician in caring for the child in whom a diagnosis of Down syndrome has been confirmed by chromosome analysis. 

The following guidelines are also available:

Health Care Information for Families of Children with Down Syndrome

Health Supervision for Children With Down Syndrome


Dental Care

The following resources are helpful in determining proper dental care for individuals with Down syndrome.

Dental Care for the Patient with Down Syndrome

Practical Oral Care for People With Down Syndrome


Growth Charts

New growth charts developed for US children with Down syndrome

"Pediatric researchers have developed the first set of growth charts for U.S. children with Down syndrome since 1988. These new charts provide an important tool for pediatricians to evaluate growth milestones for children and adolescents with this condition. With these new charts, pediatricians will be able to compare each patient's growth patterns with peers of the same age and sex who have Down syndrome."

Growth Charts for Children With Down Syndrome in the United States

"Children with Down syndrome (DS) have lower birth weights and grow more slowly than children without DS. Advances in and increased access to medical care have improved the health and well-being of individuals with DS; however, it is unknown whether their growth has also improved. Our objective was to develop new growth charts for children with DS and compare them to older charts from the United States and more contemporary charts from the United Kingdom."